Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Leaders and enders block

I have recently found the joy of Leaders and Enders. I originally started because after some reading I found that quilters change their bobbin less often when they use leaders and enders. I am happy to report, this is completely true! It seems like I am winding my bobbin much less since I started using leaders and enders!  
I decided it would be a waste to just use a scrap pice of fabric so perhaps I could make a quilt with the leaders and enders. So I sat down and organized my scraps, cutting lots of 2 1/2 inch squares. I quickly fond that I had a relatively small range of scrap colors. So I promptly signed up for a 'Candy swap" where we all exchange sets of 50 different 2 1/2 inch blocks. SO 200 + blocks later they are all bagged and ready to be sent out. 
At the end of each block I was making for my churn dash quilt, I just fed in the sewing machine 2 of the 2 1/2 charms. They quickly added up. 

I am hoping to do a scrappy around the world kind of block. The white will be the focal point with all the scrap pices adding a bit of color to the quilt. I don't plan on having this one done anytime soon, but I do like how it is coming together. 
The trick is to keep this a leader and ender quilt! I am really liking how easy it is to simply match the pieces once they were all cut. There is no thought to putting it together, just as long as two of the same colors are not side by side I am happy.  I don't pin either, just go slow to match up the seams and it works well. This block is 25 blocks, finishing at a 10" square. 

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  1. Way to use up those scraps! Aren't ongoing projects fun? I love having a no deadline pressure project kicking around for when I feel like sewing but don't know on what!