Monday, March 17, 2014

March BOM all done on time!

 This week has been a unproductive sewing week! But I did manage to get the 3rd block from Pat Sloans Mystery quilt block finished! So that means I'm not falling behind!
Between the beautiful weather (and studying) staying cooped up in the house is the last thing on my mind! Does that happen to you? The nicer it gets outside the less you want to be sewing inside! 

I also put this one together with my green, red and aqua colors. I decided to add a bit of gray as well to this set.  It does measure a bit larger than my fist block
But that is nothing a bit of sashing can't fix! 
I hope everyone else has had a more productive week!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Call for help Auction projects?

O.K I am putting out a call for help from the more experienced quilters out there! 
My son is part of a 4-H group and every year they have an auction. This auction raises money for the local 4-H, FFA, and FBA to host the local fair. 
During his last meeting there was a call for donated crafts, especially quilted items. 

Apparently they do quite well at these auctions. 
The issue is, I'm a bit of a slow quilter, and considering that the fair is in just 2 weeks, that doesn't give me quite enough time to put together a whole quilt. So I need a bit of help.. Has anyone ever donated quilted items for auctions before?  AND has a simple, easy and most importantly FAST project that they use for these kinds of events? I have never quilted for anyone else before, it's always been for myself or my family so I am at a  bit of a loss as to what goes over well. Perhaps a table toper? or a wall hanging? Any Ideas out there? They would be most appreciated on my part ( as well as my son who doesn't understand that I can't just " whip up" a quilt over a weekend!) 
Now I don't intend for one of mine to bring in $9,000 Like This one did last year
But Every little bit helps!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Auriful BOM March Block Complete!

While deciding on my next project, I have been puttering along with a few BOMs. 
Its quite amazing to realize how fast the year as gone, this is already the 3rd block for this years Auriful BOM! 

They are all finishing at about 12 1/2 inches, so by the end of the year these will make a nice sized quilt I'm thinking!

I have also been playing with some aquas, reds and greens as well.
 I would love to make this as a small wall hanging, but I have no plan! 
I simply browse all the lovely quilting blogs out there, and when I see a tutorial for a block that catches my fancy and finishes at 12 inches  ( and will look nice in these colors), I'll add it to this block. 

And finally my leaders and enders is at a stand still. 
I ran out of 2 1/2 inch blocks! So I will wait by the mail box until the post delivers my next set of 200 with the swap I have signed up for. 

I also signed up for another swap as well. 
Last month I received such a lovely package from the secret pals swap that I signed up for this month to! So, that means another trip to the fabric shop is in store for me this weekend to get a quilty package together for my pal as well!