Saturday, February 15, 2014

Churn Dash indecision

So, I know I didn't need another WIP laying around. I have so many. But I so loved the tutorial for this one that I just had to make it! I don't know where it's going to go as it is a small block…I could add borders for my original thought to make this a pillow, but I'm not thinking that is going to work. and of course as I was checking the directions for this block, Julie posted yet another one! and this one is big enough for a pillow! but I must refrain ( however if you want to take a look head on over to The crafty Quilter here

These are what I should be doing! I started this one a bit before Christmas. 
I have lots of excuses for not finishing these!
I'm sure you have heard them all! 
And I should be telling myself NO EXCUSES BUT>>>
1) I purchased a fat eighth a while a go on clearance. (Since then it's been discontinued.) So of course I started to make my blocks and found that had enough for a small quilt. But I really wanted a full size quilt. So then I started pulling out coordinating fabric from my pile to put more blocks together. It takes me a while to coordinate!  

2) Then of course I stumbled across all the pretty turn dash pinwheel blocks (tutorial here) and seriously debated on changing my blocks. 

I mean really look what Karen did with these over at Sunburnt Quilts.( her picture above) 

But I refrained, I already had almost 20 blocks!

3)Then I keep going back and forth with the question "Do I really love it?" I don't think I like the large white squares when the two blocks are joined. I tried laying them out with sashing nope didn't love it, Then I tried to use a color block for the center and the churn dash white, and alternating the blocks I liked that a bit better but not enough to do 20 more blocks!  Perhaps I just need borders? Or perhaps when it's quilted the white space will not be as distracting to me? 

So yup lots of excuses. I really am going to stop and make a committed decision here. But I think my biggest excuse is, I like coming back to it! It's an easy block to do, and I like laying it out and playing with the color! ( does that count as #4) 

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  1. I love your house block and the owls peaking through the window! It's such a compliment to see my pattern made by someone else! I think the white space in your churn dash quilt will look great with some nice quilting.
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter