Monday, January 27, 2014

What's on your Bed?

Jo over at Joscountryjunction  is having a "share what's on your bed" 'Link up. And while it's not to cold here in Southern Ca, it's still cold enough for an extra blanket. Unfortunately quilts get used in this house faster than I can make them and the only one I had to put on the bed was this one. 

My grandma made this when she was still in high school, so we are thinking 1940's or 50's? I love this quilt, actually it's the only thing I asked for when my family asked if I wanted anything of hers. I remember going to her home when I was younger in Upstate NY and she always had a quilt on the bed. Pardon the pictures, today was so gray and overcast that there was no good light to do the quilt justice! 

My other quilts get used for "More important things….

Like the bunny, apparently he needs his own quilt

And storing Legos, apparently Legos need there own quilt as well? 
Anyone else have this issue with people stealing the quilts for "more important" uses then what you intended them for? ( Like on going on a bed?)

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  1. There's a simple tutorial on how to make a Lego bag/mat here ( I thought it was the cutest thing & very useful. And you can get your quilt back. :-)