Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Irrational Zipper Fear

Not to long ago my Mother-in-law-to-be acquired quite a few zippers. All vintage and in the cutest of colors!  Knowing that I sew she passed them on to me. What she didn't know is I have a fear of zippers. The first time I tried to sew a zipper, I snapped 2 needles and ended up with a nasty gash on my finger. The book I purchased when I had these grand ideas of making cute travel bags was promptly stuck in a drawer and forgot about.

Well fast forward to Christmas when craftsy had a free mini class on zipper pouches. 
I downloaded it of course, (they did say the magic word free)
And eventually I sat down to watch. 
after a few viewings I thought HECK I can do that!
And it was a success. 
Ok, by success I mean I ended up not bleeding this time! But the zipper got on that pouch!

Then I ran across Pink Stitches  boxy  Pouch Tutorial, and just loved it! and it was so much that I hadn't done before, boxing corners, fusible lining, and a zipper. 

Well, there were a few mishaps along the way, 
Did you know that fusible interfacing looses it's fusability?
Not quite sure how old it was but that was a new one for me!
So I had to adhock that one
Then I didn't have any scraps for batting, so I found Christmas snow. 
Yes, the kind you use to decorate under the Christmas tree. ( Surprisingly if I knew it worked as well as it does, I would have grabbed quite a few more bags during after Christmas Clearance!) 

So TADA! The small blue is the one from Craftsy class

and the pink was from Pink Stitches 
I loved the boxy pouch so much, I can't wait to make a few more to hold all my little sewing notion knick Knacks! 

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