Thursday, January 16, 2014

Globe Trotter block One Complete Kind of….

Well Pat Sloans Glob Trotter QAL has turned to be a bit more then I was ready for! 
First the pattern seemed a bit old fashioned for my tastes. But I thought with the right fabric selection, perhaps it would perk up a bit, and I could develop my skills a little bit with a pattern I would never select on my own. 

First was the fabric selection. While I have made quilts before I have never gone and selected a whole line of fabric for one quilt. I always work with hand-me-down fabric, or fabric from others stashes. So this process took and HOUR! Oh Yes you should have seen my cart. Sillyness! I pulled so many bolts out, compared, checked prices, checked the pattern and fabric requirements. By the time I selected everything I was ready to call it a night!
Of course I didn't
Then the cutting, then assembling 24 little half square triangles. 
I think I need to sharpen my seam ripper after this first block as well. The number of times I had to take the stitches out was making me more than a bit irate. 
So Finally two days later done, and I load it up to the flicker group here and realize something is wrong. 

At this point though, I am going to call it "my interpretation of" and call it a day. I don't dislike it, but It's not what I was going for either. But if anyone else asks I just modernized it a bit, I totally did it on purpose! HA! 

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