Thursday, March 6, 2014

Call for help Auction projects?

O.K I am putting out a call for help from the more experienced quilters out there! 
My son is part of a 4-H group and every year they have an auction. This auction raises money for the local 4-H, FFA, and FBA to host the local fair. 
During his last meeting there was a call for donated crafts, especially quilted items. 

Apparently they do quite well at these auctions. 
The issue is, I'm a bit of a slow quilter, and considering that the fair is in just 2 weeks, that doesn't give me quite enough time to put together a whole quilt. So I need a bit of help.. Has anyone ever donated quilted items for auctions before?  AND has a simple, easy and most importantly FAST project that they use for these kinds of events? I have never quilted for anyone else before, it's always been for myself or my family so I am at a  bit of a loss as to what goes over well. Perhaps a table toper? or a wall hanging? Any Ideas out there? They would be most appreciated on my part ( as well as my son who doesn't understand that I can't just " whip up" a quilt over a weekend!) 
Now I don't intend for one of mine to bring in $9,000 Like This one did last year
But Every little bit helps!

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